Our Studio

Do you deserve high-quality solutions to your graphic design needs?

We certainly think you do.

So how is CNCTD Designs different from other design agencies?

Imagine going to a doctor about a small cut on your finger that you received from a papercut. How ridiculous would it sound if your doctor told you to amputate your whole arm due to a small papercut?

Quite silly, right?

You wouldn't want to over diagnose for a minor issue when going to the doctor's office. And we would never give you anything that you wouldn't need as your design agency.

Other places may suggest that you may need certain digital assets for your company, but at CNCTD Designs, we take the time to understand where you are in your industry to understand your needs to succeed.

CNCTD Designs is committed to bringing the best out of all of our clients to better connect them to their user base.

CNCTD Designs was founded in 2018 in Las Vegas, NV as a side hustle for an aspiring digital native just learning about graphic design. Today, it has expanded to not only serve clients in the Las Vegas Valley, but throughout the entire United States.

CNCTD Designs specializes in finding what needs our client needs for their business. Whether it's branding, creating a new logo, or building a business from scratch, we're here to connect your ideas to your success.